Dan Kennedy – Fix Your Follow Up, part 3

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Recession Immunization

Following are areas of your business that need to be scrutinized to optimize profitability.

1. Who you sell to – this matters more than anything else.

2. What you sell

3. How you sell

4. How you follow up

To attract the best-qualified customers, all others must be driven away. This takes courage; courage to stand firm in the belief that not considering everyone as your customer is in your best interest.

Dan’s Recession Prescription #1: Sell to a buyer. This is not as obvious as it may seem. Think about it. If you were selling only to buyers, you’d be closing 100% of your presentations. If you already have a 100% closing rate, Prescription #2 will be published tomorrow. The rest of us need to know more about how to find buyers…

If you have an established business, you have buyers. Existing clients/customers. You also have other buyers, people who have bought from you in the past but haven’t been back for a while. Where are those people doing business now? Perhaps if you reached out to them they’d become buyers again. Treat all your clients as the treasure they really are. Let them know you’re ready to earn their business again.

Access other people’s buyers. This is done by buying and using highly developed mailing lists. Competitor’s lists are often available for use. Contact a competitor about using her list and offer a ‘bounty’ on each sale made from it. That could be a percentage or a flat fee. If they haven’t been able to close the ‘nonbuyers’ on their list, maybe you can. And, vice versa.

Yet another way to utilize another business’ mailing list is to partner with a complementary business for a mailing. If you do lawn care, partner with a business that does pest control. If you do auto maintenance, partner with a detailer. You mail to your clients about the service the partner business has to offer, and they do the same for you. This method works best if you use their service or product and can recommend it.

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