Dan Kennedy’s Fix Your Follow-Up, 2

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Buckle up and get ready for more of Dan’s wisdom…

Dan’s 3-step formula for finding highly qualified prospects:

1) Run an ad or do a mailer that asks the reader to call you.

2) When they call, do not set an appointment. Get their name and physical address to send them more information.

3) Send the “Shock and Awe” package of information on your product/business. The accompanying letter tells the prospect to call back to schedule an appointment.

Anyone who goes through this process and calls a second time is a highly-qualified lead. You’ve just optimized your time and theirs. Dan says that to attract the best qualified clients, all others must be driven away.

Over the years, access to Dan and his services have intentionally become difficult. He hasn’t answered a phone in years. He doesn’t do email. Years ago he required prospective clients to join his ‘inner circle’ before he’d undertake their projects. He formed a gold, then a platinum, inner circle program, each time upping the ante for the privilege of having access.

The current requirement is a six-figure annual retainer. Before he will accept a project for consideration, the annual retainer must be paid. And there is absolutely no guarantee that he’ll do anything to earn it. He says he has more business than he can personally handle.

For those of us who are mere mortals, there is a valuable lesson here. Everyone is not your prospect. That mentality may keep you busy, but you certainly won’t be productive. Follow Dan’s lead on this and you truly can work less and earn more.

Stay tuned… there’s lots more to come!

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