Nurturing Leads

June 3, 2008 · Filed Under Client Acquisition · Comment 

No matter what communication medium you utilize, it’s rare that a single approach will be effective in sparking interest in the majority of your audience.

Once you’ve sparked some interest in the prospect with your message, the next step is getting them to let you know it, to raise their hand, identify themselves and progress to the next step.

Unfortunately, that can take several attempts as well. Being busy and distracted, requiring motivation, education, awareness, etc., contribute to your prospect’s attention span. A single contact – even among people who have already expressed an interest in your service – is rarely enough to carry them to the next level of interaction.

Most leads are long-term relationships. According to marketing research about 75% of proactively generated leads do not have an immediate need for your service. They have identified themselves as interested in hearing what you have to say, but they’re not ready yet to make an investment.

And, according to the Yankee Group, 40% to 80% of new business leads are lost or not followed up on due there being no process in place to maintain contact with a lead that is in the pipeline but not ready to buy.

Lead nurturing is an important, but frequently overlooked, part of the whole lead generation process for service providers. As a business professional, you can’t know exactly what message, in what format, will be the one to spur the desired action in your prospect.

Direct marketing, via mail, email or phone calls, is regarded in terms of “campaigns”. Unfortunately they are rarely long enough or intensive enough to extract all the value possible.

Ongoing communications with your target audience, long after the campaign is over, will boost your lead rates and improve the quality of the leads you generate.

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