The World Is Going Out Of Business

December 15, 2008 · Filed Under Business Tips · Comment 

It seems as if the world is going out of business (OOB). Investment firms, banks, automobile manufacturers, athletic associations, national retail chains, restaurants, airlines, car dealerships, jewelry stores, department stores, furniture stores, toy stores. Even governments, for crying out loud! Gone. Forever and ever.

The good news is that there are lots of us who are still open for business.  Maybe we were smarter. Maybe we were luckier. That’s a topic for someone else to analyze and report on. My concern is to find ways for you to continue to be open for business.

When the “going out of business sale” sign is hung on a competitor’s front door or that of a related business in your neighborhood, think of ways to capture their customers. Here are some ideas:

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10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Target Market

July 23, 2008 · Filed Under Client Acquisition · Comment 

Article by guest author, Donna Gunter. This article will be published in

two parts.

“My target market is everybody.” Is this statement true for your business?

If so, how is that working for you? My guess would be that it’s not working

at all. I shudder when a client tells me that their target market is everyone.

When you target everyone, it’s too hard to focus on anyone and you attract

no one.

One of the most terrifying decisions an online business owner makes is the

decision to refine and define their target market. Why? Generally because

they’re scared of excluding people. However, the more focused you are in your

marketing efforts and the better you understand and can define your target

market, the easier your marketing becomes. Really! And, what’s even more

astonishing is that you’ll soon begin to hear, “Well, I know you only work with

<xyz market> and have seen how successful they have been in working with you,

but I’m <abc market>. Will you work with me, too, and help me succeed?”

What’s the easiest way to uncover the characteristics of your target market?

Conduct informational interviews with those who belong to that target market.

Despite the fact that most informational interviews are used by people seeking a

job in a particular market, you can apply this concept to help you create a full

description of your target market. If you have no idea who that might be,

interview some of your favorite clients or friends/colleagues that you think

would make an ideal client for you. Go through your contact database Read more